Multiple causes of environmental pollution on the planet

The damages of environmental pollution are many and varied and have many effects that are not easy to deal with at all, some of them are permanent and some are temporary, and there are what can be observed in the long term and there are what can be observed at the present time and between this and that we will learn about these damages in appropriate detail in the following article.

Environmental pollution damage

There are many damages resulting from environmental pollution in a very large way. First of all, these damages are on human health and are largely related to exposure to many serious diseases of the heart and blood vessels, including atherosclerosis, heart failure, and very high blood pressure. .

Environmental pollution also has many negative damages represented by acid rain loaded with many oxides of nitrogen and sulfur, which are emitted into the atmosphere as a result of burning fossil fuels, which accelerates the erosion of buildings and statues, and affects plants greatly and leads to damage to trees and high acidity of soil and seas And rivers, which makes them become an unsuitable environment for many fish and organisms on the planet.

Environmental pollution spreads and forms fog due to the scattering of sunlight due to small particles suspended in polluted air, which reduces the clarity of vision, and of course this is caused by power plants, industrial facilities, cars, construction activities, and others.

What is environmental pollution?

Environmental pollution is dangerous substances that can attack air, water, or soil, which are the basic elements in the universe, and any impact, even slight, on one of these elements will result in a lot of damage to the individual and the place in which he lives.

This pollution is produced due to the gases that cause greenhouse gases emanating from cars and their exhausts, trucks and factory chimneys that are saturated with carbon dioxide, which has always existed naturally in the planet, but in a safe way until our use and exploitation of it led to its abnormal accumulation.

Multiple factors and causes of environmental pollution on the planet

Environmental pollution on the surface of the planet is one of the things that would affect our lives in a way that cannot be expected at all, which prompts us to identify what causes these dangerous pollutions and try to reduce these factors as much as possible, and the most important of these factors are:

  • Smoking of all kinds, as it has the greatest negative impact that a person can expect.
  • The materials that are used in packaging, packaging and adhesives because they contain plastic are the most harmful elements of all.
  • nsecticides that are used to eliminate field insects that may have a harmful effect on the environment and human poisoning.
  • Solid pollutants produced from crop residues.
  • Waste burning and the gases it produces are very dangerous.
  • Cutting wood from trees in order to make paper.
  • Sewage that is not disposed of in an optimal way.
  • Factory chimneys that can release unprecedented amounts of pollution.

Effects of environmental pollution on humans

There are a lot of damages that can befall a person and affect his life in a very large way, and these damages are as follows:

Environmental pollution leads to many health problems in the human heart and lungs in a very large way.
Air pollution in the human surroundings results in many health problems represented by dangerous cancerous tumors as a result of harmful particles in the air.
Polluted particles suspended in the air can negatively affect the lung wall and may greatly damage the respiratory system.
Environmental pollution is one of the most common things that can cause blockage of blood vessels, which would cause many dangerous clots in the arterioles that connect the brain and heart.
One of the biggest causes of premature death for a person is that polluted particles suspended in the open air have the upper hand in this matter.
People with many respiratory diseases such as asthma and tuberculosis can be severely affected by this pollution and over time their condition can get very bad.
Environmental pollution causes many mild illnesses, including diarrhoea, coughing, dry mouth, bronchitis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Pollution damage to animals

Animals are among the organisms that are most affected by environmental pollution, which would reduce the number of vertebrates on Earth due to the negative activities practiced by humans in the environment.

Likewise, environmental pollution greatly harms the environment in which animals live and works to reduce their products and not produce enough milk, because these damages lead to the desertification of their pastures and their failure to find what they eat and sustain themselves with.

Pollution damage to plants

Plants are the first living organisms ever affected by the occurrence of any type of pollution in any element of the environment, and these effects, if they appear on them, are very simple. Many real disasters occur that can cause many problems for humans in the first place, and these damages are in a:

  • Pollution causes necrotic lesions to appear on plants.
  • Contamination causes serious discoloration of the paper and may cause yellowing of the leaves.
  • In serious contamination, the color of the paper may turn red or bronze, due to the saturation of the paper with large quantities of minerals.
  • The appearance of a lot of spots, which can greatly harm them in a phenomenon called spotting.

Effects and damages of chemical pollution

Chemical pollution is one of the most dangerous types of pollution known at all, and it works to affect negatively and not positively at all on many elements in the entire planet, and this is represented in:

The negative impact on the soil and confirmation that this effect is transmitted to crops in a very large way, which would harm human health and the foods that one eats.
Compound toxins that are largely present in the soil and that affect a person’s health greatly and work to speed up the spread of diseases and toxins within his body.
Significant poisoning of the air, which would greatly affect the atmosphere and the air compositions inside it in a certain and effective way.
Pollution of many things in a person’s surroundings, which has a dangerous effect on the surrounding environment, which is very easy to transmit to infect fetuses, children and adults and cause many deformities.
Existing foods and foods are highly contaminated and affected, which would effectively and surely affect the person and transmit many dangerous viruses to him.

Effects and damages of radioactive contamination

Radioactive pollution affects the environment and humans in a very large way and has no limits. Below we will review together the most famous effects that radioactive pollution has on our lives:

The first effects of radioactive contamination, we find that poisoning is the most important of these effects at all, as it is one of the most horrific effects.
Exposure to many dangerous diseases and cancerous tumors that cause many problems that have no precedent from the last.
When an individual is exposed to radioactive contamination, he will have many tumors and burns in the skin, which can cause many serious diseases.
Also, the radiation effect is one of the most important causes of deformities in fetuses and acute epilepsy.
Radioactive pollution greatly destroys the environment as well as all other elements such as water, air and agricultural soil.
As a result of the explosion of nuclear reactors, many problems and forms of destruction are absolutely unexpected and absolutely terrifying.

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