Thermal pollution and how to reduce thermal pollution?

Thermal pollution is one of the most dangerous types of pollution known to us in our time, and it is also one of the biggest causes that would raise many serious future fears that would greatly destroy our world and our environment, and therefore we must work to clean our environment and protect it from all these damages As much as we can to continue life on this planet.

Thermal pollution

Thermal pollution is one of the difficult things that will affect our lives very significantly. Thermal pollution is due to the decline in water quality caused by changes in the temperature surrounding our planet. Often, the common cause of this pollution is the use of water as a coolant for many power plants and modern industries.

We find that the retreat of water to nature at a higher temperature reduces oxygen support, based on the temperature difference, which ultimately affects the environmental composition of nature, which causes thermal pollution in the environment and causes many serious damages to the climate.

The main sources of thermal pollution

There are many sources of thermal pollution that exist in our planet, which are produced from materials that are manufactured and cause a lot of severe damage, in addition to sanitation, which must take many distinct measures in dealing with them to preserve human health and the environment. Among the most prominent sources of thermal pollution, we find the following:

  • The water used to cool the energy in the various power plants, which is considered one of the most important and prominent causes of thermal pollution that exists at all. It is also water that cools the various industrial machines and equipment. After this cooling process is completed, the water returns to its source again, causing many serious problems. Which is caused by a change in oxygen levels and many breathing problems for humans and organisms that live under water, which threatens to destroy many aquatic organisms.
  • Soil erosion around water sources, which is a type of erosion that occurs in the soil surrounding water sources whose temperature is turbulent, which causes severe erosion in the soil and kills the life cycle of plants or their growth in a toxic way, which leads to human consumption of many toxic and harmful products and crops. big.
  • Many forests are bulldozed, when many forests are bulldozed, this matter makes many rivers and water pools vulnerable to a lot of harmful sunlight, which has a great impact on it and works to change its temperature very significantly, which greatly affects the climate and contributes to Exacerbation of global warming problems in the atmosphere.
  • The coup of the cosmic nature, nature bears many different changes that will greatly affect our lives. which could lead to a lot of environmental damage.
  • Unsafe disposal of domestic sewage, as domestic sewage can lead to a lot of great damage in order to drain it without treatment into rivers, oceans, lakes and various water channels, and so that the temperature does not rise and causes a decrease in the oxygen level in the water.

results of thermal pollution

There are many negative results that would result from different thermal pollution in many aspects of our life. Among the most important of these results, we find the following:

  • DO levels decrease dissolved oxygen, which is the essential oxygen that organisms need to survive.
  • Work to increase the various toxins, as thermal pollution increases the toxins in all the various other elements.
  • The elimination of biodiversity in the planet, as thermal pollution works to lose biodiversity due to many different environmental changes.
  • Creating many different environmental effects, as it works to cause many different environmental shocks to many organisms that do not necessarily have a high ability to adapt and adapt.
  • Fetal deformities and the impact on reproductive systems. Of course, reproduction in the animal world and the human world will be greatly affected by this type of pollution.
  • A turbulent increase in metabolic rates, as thermal pollution leads to the loss of those species that living organisms depend on for their daily food.
  • Migration of many different organisms. Where the heat of the water causes many organisms to migrate from their place of residence and move to other places.

How to reduce heat pollution

There are many means that reduce thermal pollution, the most important of which is controlling cooling ponds that are used to cool nuclear power generators, which is one of the most dangerous thermal pollutants that ever exist, and the most important means of controlling them are:

  • Cooling towers, which work to return water to the water body after passing through the condenser, which is called the cooling process, so cooling towers are designed to control the water temperature to make the cooling process more effective.
  • Water recycling, as industrially treated water can be recycled for domestic use as it works on industrial heating, which will reduce the problem of thermal pollution.
  • Artificial lakes, which are man-made bodies of water, are a possible alternative. Hot effluents can be discharged at one end of the lake, water can be drawn from the other end for cooling purposes, and eventually these lakes will be purified through evaporation.

Thermal pollution kills fish

The phenomenon of thermal pollution increases activity in fish lakes, which would decrease due to the effect of thermal pollution on water bodies and thus lead to suffocation and death, as the lack of oxygen will greatly suffocate fish.

Accordingly, we must realize the extent of the seriousness and impact of thermal pollution on the ecosystem in general and on the cycles of aquatic and fish life in particular, and what may lead to the matter that a human mind does not expect, whether from the great destruction of fish wealth and the extinction of many distinctive species or the emergence of new unexpected strains of fish aliens.

Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is one of the largest audio and sound pollutants ever. It is one of the sounds present in the environment, which is an unwanted element because of its high frequency, which reflects negatively on the individual and his health and causes him a lot of harm.

Likewise, the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control consider noise pollution as one of the most important growing health problems in our time, which results in many different harms to humans, which are hearing impairment, stress and fatigue, high blood pressure, chronic headaches, and various sleep and eating disorders.

light pollution

Light pollution is one of the most difficult types of pollution to exist at all, as it is caused by the excessive and unwanted use of artificial light, and it is also a form of wasted energy that can cause many harmful health and environmental effects.

In addition to the changes it causes in the atmosphere, which significantly reduces the visibility of stars and celestial bodies, as a result of many lights directed towards the sky, as well as emissions of poorly manufactured lamps that act as dispersals of light reflected by solid particles in the atmosphere, which reduces the ability of scientists to See the sky well.

biological contamination

It is one of the most famous and dangerous types of pollution that exists at all. This type of pollution results from many substances that are spread in the environment and may affect health, such as pollen, insects, fungi, some bacteria and viruses, in addition to the hair of many animals and other sources, which have varying degrees of influence. Those in addition to substances and their effects on humans.

Likewise, pollution of the biological surrounding environment leads to many consequences that target health in general, in addition to many different environmental and climatic changes that can cause many harmful effects on humans, and biological pollution also causes many different effects such as:

Various allergies and eczema.
Transmission of many infectious diseases.
Having many health problems.

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