Maintaining a clean environment and sayings urging a clean environment

Preserving the cleanliness of the environment is our first goal in life, so that we can enjoy a clean planet, breathe fresh air, and live in health and safety without fears of various epidemics and diseases that may affect our lives in a way that simply cannot be dealt with.

Losses and problems that caused us to lose the most precious and close people It has become very clear what the impact of these diseases and epidemics can have on our lives.

Maintaining the cleanliness of the environment

Our environment is the most important thing we have in this life, and to keep this environment clean and beautiful, we have to take many distinct, important, and organized steps in order to keep our environment healthy and clean, by doing the following:

Preserving air quality by stopping behaviors that may cause a lot of rising fumes and fumes that greatly affect air purity.

Preserving the cleanliness and quality of water, as water is the basis of life on the planet, and it is also the basis for the formation of many living organisms on it, so it must be preserved and its purity and cleanliness guaranteed.

Recycling garbage and proper disposal of waste in the right places, in order to ensure a clean atmosphere and distinct odors, free of dirt, plankton and volatile bacteria.

Make sure to clean car exhausts and chimneys as soon as possible, before dirt problems worsen, creating many fumes and black smoke, which is the most dangerous type of pollution at all.

Cultivation of many useful and distinctive trees and plants that reduce pollution, purify the outdoor air and excrete it in the best possible way so that we can breathe it with peace of mind.

How do we preserve and improve the environment that surrounds us?

There are many steps through which we will be able to preserve the environment and improve its level and support it to continue in the best way, which guarantees us a great stability of its situation, and the most important of these steps are:

Reducing the use of plastic bags and plastic in general, due to the many negative effects it causes and endless damage to many different living organisms.

Planting trees of all kinds, because planting trees works to purify the air from carbon dioxide, which is harmful to the environment and the outdoors.

Try to avoid burning waste and dumping it in the streets because burning it is one of the biggest sources of pollution in the environment and the source of many dangerous epidemics.

Resorting to materials with different organic components that are made of safe and environmentally friendly materials, not those made of harmful and plastic materials.

Reducing the use of harmful agricultural fertilizers that are abundant in the soil, which would reduce the quality of crops and increase the percentage of pollution in them.

The role of man in preserving the environment

The human being has an important and essential role in the matter of preserving the environment, and this is because he is the main polluter in it and an important and fundamental cause of its pollution and damage to it in a very great way. Therefore, the human role is fundamental and highly effective in preserving the environment, and this is evident through the following:

A person must take into account changing many of the wrong behaviors that he does, which is not throwing garbage in the streets and putting it in the places designated for that.

Avoid means of transportation that cause many serious damages to the environment and cause many dangerous and irreversible pollutants, as their effects remain for a very long time.

The necessity of rationalizing water consumption and not tampering with it or polluting it with various pollutants, which would greatly harm the planet.

Maintaining a clean environment for children

Children must learn to keep the environment clean and beautiful and free from problems that may cause many serious and harmful damages. The most important thing that children can do in order to keep their environment clean and beautiful is:

Do not throw garbage in the street or at school.

Conserving water and rationalizing its consumption, because a drop of water equals a life.

Working on cleaning up the places where we used to play before leaving.

Planting plants and trees everywhere to purify the air we breathe.

Simple tips to save the environment

There are many simple tips that, if followed, can keep the environment clean and beautiful, as follows:

Try as a human being to join an environmental organization that is not for profit in any way and helps clean up the environment.

The need to work to reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

It is imperative to use biodegradable cleaning materials and to dispose of them safely.

It is important to use means of transport that do not pollute the environment and do not emit many harmful fumes.

The need for many scientists to invent a learning method to reduce the degree of air pollution.

It is important that wastewater is desalinated and treated permanently.

The need to make use of solid waste in any possible way.

Benefits of keeping the environment clean

There are many benefits that a person can reap if he keeps his environment clean, beautiful and completely free of all harmful pollutants, the most important of which are:

Protecting all humanity from epidemics and dangerous diseases.

Maintaining public health in the community.

Reducing the extinction of many different and distinctive organisms.

Elimination of many dangerous diseases such as cholera, cancers and diseases of the respiratory system.

Achieving a real renaissance in the number of different societies.

Sayings urging a clean environment

There are many sayings that talk about the cleanliness of the environment and rid it of many problems and advise many people to preserve the environment and ensure its cleanliness. The most important of these sayings we find the following:

People should preserve the environment, which is the most important thing in this country.

Save the environment, save you.

You feel a sense of belonging to the environment in maintaining its cleanliness and safety.

Every human being must contribute to keeping the environment clean and livable, so that we and future generations can live in peace and life on this planet does not exist.

We think about the future to preserve the environment.

We must preserve the neighborhood in which we live, and protect it from diseases.

A good human relationship with animals and trees guarantees us a good environmental life.

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